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PD Provider Process - Recommendations for Issuing Activity Hours

1)  Can I issue activity hours for it? Use this as a guide and for each activity.   Or use this overview.

2)  What evidence, after June 30, 2014, does the recipient need to count if audited? They need either…

  •  Evidence of Completion form 77-21B  OR
  •  Transcript from IL college or university with an ISBE approved teacher prep   program
  •  District can issue 77-21B for coursework from another college/university

3)  Districts are providers so they can issue 77-21B for things folks do outside of the district if you warrant that it is good PD.

4)  What a district should do for each activity they provide...

  • ISBE Evaluation 77-21A from each recipient – paper or use Durley electronic version (Google Form)
  • Summary of responses for each item on 77-21A
  • Sign-in sheet for groups
  • Regular, ongoing related PD events (groups) should keep date and activity   log
  • You can lump regular, ongoing related PD events together and issue one 77-21B
  •  ISBE Year-End Approved Provider Report (June)



Sample Electronic, ISBE Required, PD Evaluation for Providers - Contact